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Beth Chatto - A life with plants

(Pimpernel Press, 2019)

WINNER European Garden Book of the Year 2019

'It is a fascinating, honest and skilfully put together read. It is the only book on this great woman's life, and one well worth having.'

Fergus Garrett, The Garden, April 2020


'...a triumph, beautifully crafted by an author who has thoroughly researched and understood her subject... There is so much here to keep the reader gripped.'

Fergus Garrett, Gardens Illustrated, October 2019

' of the most intimate gardening biographies yet written, integrating her story with her achievements admirably.'

David Sexton, Evening Standard - Best Gardening Books of the Year, December 2019

'.. a compelling and rewarding read, enhanced by Catherine's talents for research and telling a good story.'

The English Garden,  October 2019

'Brilliant, charming and beautiful, she was a horticultural pioneer whose impact continues to this day. Her gardening genius made her the darling of pop stars, aristocrats and royalty yet as this sympathetically written biography reveals, her apparently gilded life was far more turbulent than anyone could have suspected.'

Daily Mail, September 2019

'Impeccably researched...'

House & Garden, October 2019

'This fascinating, beautifully-written biography paints a fond and intimate portrait of one of the true greats of the gardening world.'

Irish Times


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