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Reviews of Beth Chatto. A life with plants

House & Garden

October 2019

"This impeccably researched biography... focuses on Beth's personal life, chronicling her childhood, the motivations behind the garden she created... and the process behind her books."

The English Garden

October 2019

"...a compelling and rewarding read, enhanced by Catherine's talents for research and telling a good story."

Irish News

31 August 2019

"This fascinating, beautifully-written biography paints a fond and intimate portrait of one of the true greats of the gardening world." 

Country Living

November 2019

"Beautifully written and detailed, this is a book to curl up with."

Country Life

25 September 2019

"The life story of this elegant plant guru contains enough drive and determination to inspire any modern woman ...This book shows was a remarkable woman she was."

Mary Keen