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Reviews of Beth Chatto. A life with plants

The Garden (RHS)

April 2020

"This book is a must for any reader intent on an insight into the life of the of the greatest gardeners of all time, the late Beth Chatto."

Fergus Garrett

Gardens Illustrated

October 2019

 "A triumph ... beautifully crafted by an author who has thoroughly researched and understood her subject."

Fergus Garrett

Country Life

25 September 2019

"The life story of this elegant plant guru contains enough drive and determination to inspire any modern woman ...This book shows was a remarkable woman she was."

Mary Keen

Reckless Gardener

September 2019

"Catherine Horwood more than does justice to this iconic gardening legend...a delightful memoir of a remarkable woman. Beautifully illustrated and superbly written...a fitting tribute to one of horticulture's most iconic women."

Evening Standard

December 2019

"one of the most intimate gardening biographies yet written, integrating [Beth Chatto's] story with her achievements admirably."