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(Reaktion, 2018)

The rose is the world's favourite flower and always has been. It is the greatest floral symbol of love and romance the world over and touches people's hearts at many points in their lives: the flower most often chosen to celebrate significant milestones, such as weddings or anniversaries, and to mark births and deaths.

This book traces the journey of the rose across the centuries, from battles to bouquets, charting its botanical, religious, literary and artistic history: Rose tells the story of what makes this botanical family so loved: from Cleopatra's rose-petal-filled bed to Nijinsky's Spectre de la Rose ballet; from the highly prized attar of rose oil so beloved by the ancient Persians to top-brand perfume labels today; and from Shakespeare's myths about the Wars of the Roses to the significance of Queen Elizabeth I's embroidered dresses.

Using historical, literary and botanical sources from the world's major rose-growing nations, with vibrant illustrations from across the centuries, Rose will be a delight to read for both the gardener and the non-gardener alike.

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