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Worst Fashions

Sutton Publishing

Have you ever glanced at an old photograph and wondered just why you chose to look like that? Or wondered just what possessed a designer when he imagined a particular item of clothing could flatter anybody? Well, we all make mistakes, and here they all are. From furry boots and platform soles to hot pants, kipper ties, knitted tank tops and paper knickers; from Afghan coats, shell suits and tartan trews to boob tubes, furry boots, mink bikinis and Val Doonican jumpers, prepare to re-live the fashion victim's tangerine dreams and visible nightmares. Richly illustrated with ghastly close-ups and contemporary photographs, this book also includes lists of the Kings and Queens of Worst Fashions, The Absolutely Worst Men's and Women's Wear; 'Yesterday's Labels; The Least Successful Fashion Campaigns; the worst selling fashion items and the most successful worst fashions.

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