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Press reviews for Rose

Read thisDaily Mail Weekend January 2019

"The rose has a fascinating history: archaeologists have found rose fossils which are 35 million years old. In this charming book, social historian Catherine Horwood traces the flower's religious, literary and artistic roots, right up to its present-day uses."

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Coral Flowers

Gardens Illustrated

March 2019

[Rose is] a clearly-written, information-packed review of the historical, religious, cultural and artistic significance of the world's favourite flower - John Hoyland

Coral Flowers

Historic Gardens

September 2019

"Like all the best books, [Horwood's] treatment of the great sweep of rose-related history leads the reader to make unexpected comparisons... Rose is the latest in a series of excellent plant biographies."

Coral Flowers

Country Living

February 2019

It is no surprise that the rose is the world's favourite flower and in her new book [] social historian Catherine Horwood dances us through every aspect of its botanical, cultural and literary significance, its history, royal connections and horticultural development. It offers many interesting nuggets, too - not least that we should all add the European Rose Garden in Sangerhausen, German, to our bucket list, as it has 8,600 varieties. There's an enticing recipe for rose vodka, too.

Coral Flowers


"[It's] really all you really need to know about Rose ... and is fully deserving of being read!" 

Coral Flowers

Suffolk Plant Heritage

Spring 2019

[Rose] is a gem of a book, lavishly illustrated, which is so imbued with this most sensuous of flowers that you can almost smell its scent when turning the pages - Widget Finn

Coral Flowers

Quarterly Review of Biology

September 2019

"Beautifully written, and riveting... [it] would be as deserving of a place in a history section of a library as it would be next to yet another rose tome in the gardening section."

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