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Decision time! Order now...

Today I'm giving you a list of the vegetables I'm going to be trying to grow this summer. Some are from seed, some are on seed tapes and some are plug plants. Supplies are running low and, of course, it is not possible to go to garden centres any more. However, hardware shops are still open and may carry some basic lines of seed packets. Seems like a lot? Let's wait and see. There will be successes and failures!

I've already listed my preferred online seed suppliers and I have some seed left from last year. The plug plants come from two sources - Brookside Nursery and Dobies. I haven't used Brookside before but they get good reviews and are reasonably priced. You may have to order more than you need so try and find a neighbour/friend to share with.

Easy salad and herb plants to grow in pots: these are new additions - I already have chives, sage, oregano, mint, etc, in pots. NB need to get some basil seeds!

Lettuce Little Gem (Dobies seedlings)

Lettuce mixed - (Dobies seedlings)

Lettuce mixed (Mr Fothergill's seed mats)

Parsley - Plain flat leaved - (Brookside plugs)

Radish - Rainbow mix (Suttons tape)

Simply Salad City Garden Mix (Brookside plugs)

Spring onion - red and white mix (Suttons tape)

Tomato Patio Plum (Dwarf Cherry - Pennard Plants seeds)

Salad plants to be grown in my little greenhouse:

Cucumber Grafted Mini Star (Dobies plugs)

Tomato F1 Gigantomo (Brookside plugs)

Tomato Sweet Million (Brookside plugs)

Other vegetables

Beetroot Boltardy (Suttons seed tape)

Carrot Early Nantes 5 (Suttons seed tape)

Courgette F1 Patio Star (Nickys Nursery)

Dwarf French Bean 'Amethyst' (T & M seeds)

Dwarf Runner Bean 'Hestia' (Seedaholic seeds)

French Bean 'Purple Queen' (Seedaholic)

Pea Mangetout 'Shiraz' (Seedaholic) - beautiful purple pods!

Pea Progress No 9 (Seedaholic seed) though I still have some lovely T & M 'Bingo' seeds left

Runner bean 'Moonlight' (Thompson & Morgan)

Fruit (already in place):

Raspberry 'Ruby Beauty' (T & M)

Strawberry 'Just Add Cream' (T & M)

Strawberry 'Mara des Bois' (Suttons)

So that's my choice - if you want to join me, maybe try some of the salad seeds in the top list. They're all easy to grow in pots. Just get what you like. I don't want to bombard you with messages but this week is crucial to get your seeds ordered - and compost. Melcourt is brilliant - peat-free and reliable. Not the cheapest but the best. Their growbag compost beat all the others to be Which? Gardening Best Buy this year. All Melcourt composts are available online. I get mine from The Garden Superstore. You'll need a fine compost to start seeds in - Clover and Thompson & Morgan are Which? Gardening Best Buys if you can find them.

So that's all for now! I'm going to make the best of this weather and start sowing. See you next week. Follow my progress to see what pops up.

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