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Early May update

How does your veg garden grow? Mine is coming along nicely - but it's early days

The amazing weather we've been having may not have pleased the politicians but it has given us gardeners a flying start. Here in my tiny greenhouse, I have two pairs of tomatoes, Sweet Millions and Gigantomo. Yes, the bright green plastic pots leap out but those are the only colours available from Greenhouse Sensation's brilliant Duo Grow planters. And because it's all on a roof garden, weight is important. If you have to have plastic, the key thing is to reuse and reuse.

The dahlias (the container collection from Sarah Raven) are coming along nicely while a chocolate cosmos survived the winter and is sending out new shoots. Tucked behind on the right is one of the cucumbers, 'Mini Star'. And on the left, you can just see the first 'Mara des bois' strawberry!

Outside in the two large pots, on the right is Runner Bean 'Moonlight', started rather early so I hope they'll be ok if we have a cold spell. On the left, my sweet peas. One is a seedling of L. matucana, deep purple and maroon flowers, plus some other highly scented varieties, which were sown in the autumn in Rootrainers.

Facing the greenhouse is a mish-mash of different pots and plants: I've put three little Tomato 'Patio Plum' in together - maybe a mistake but they do stay very small. Behind them are the French beans, 'Amethyst' and 'Purple Queen'. They seemed slow to germinate and maybe too close together but needs must with limited space. The peas next to them are a mixture of 'Bingo' and 'Progress No 8'. The latter didn't germinate very well but no problems with 'Bingo'. In the square pot, the mange-tout 'Shiraz' is coming along nicely. Finally, on the left, I've packed a hanging basket with the dwarf runner bean, 'Hestia'. It's going to be in the wire table so easily accessibly.

Elsewhere, the seedling cut-and-come-again mixed lettuces are doing nicely, baby carrots beginning to germinate and I've just transplanted the seedling Swiss Chard 'Bright Lights'. Nearby, courgettes 'Patio Star' and 'Piccolino' are in their final pots but being kept covered for the time being. Various seedlings and plug plants due to arrive over the next couple of weeks so plenty more to look forward to! I'll report back later in the month.

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1 comentário

08 de mai. de 2020

People garden in very different ways, your delightful attempt to grow lots of things in small quantities is so rewarding, a few fresh peas is worth all the effort

Perfection comes from the taste of what you have chosen to grow,the size of the crop need not be important..

At 80+ its harder to cultivate our allotment well, containers at home may provide a possible solution in the future..

Thank you for sharing your gardening joy.

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