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Getting started - what to grow Part 2

More ideas for seeds - and where to get them

Yesterday I was asked two questions - what can you grow if you don't even have a windowsill, and where is the best place to buy seeds from?

The answer to the first is yes! Microgreens grow quickly, much like mustard and cress, and so can be grown on a worktop or desk. But if the budget runs to it, indoor daytime lamps are widely available (for other plants people like to grow indoors!!). The one I use is the Grow Light Plant Propagator. I bought mine a while back from a garden centre but it is available online and there are also cheaper clip-on ones on Amazon. You can run them on a timer giving the seedlings perfect light conditions and stopping the seedlings becoming leggy and growing towards the outside light.

Vegetable seeds are widely available online and, to be honest, there's little to choose between the big companies such as Suttons, Dobies, Mr Fothergill's. They all offer a good range of easy-to-gro plants at good prices. Thompson & Morgan are probably the biggest but also tend to be more expensive. Because I am looking for more unusual vegetables that will grow in containers, I also source seeds from less well-known companies. Here are links to some of them.

Seedaholic - based in Ireland, a particular favourite of mine

The packaging may not be so colourful but the notes, particularly from Seedaholic, are excellent.

If you're scared of seeds, there is still time to order plug plants of various vegetables, in particular, the more tender ones such as tomatoes and cucumbers, as well as strawberry plants. But more of all these next time - as well as the basic equipment you're going to need. Start saving those plastic trays!

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