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Getting started - what to grow Part 1

Here's what I'm getting for fast and easy growing vegetables

I'm going to do several blogs over the next few days showing what I'm going to grow over the next few weeks and what you might try if you're going to follow me as well. Everything I've got is online so I'll be including links (no commission involved). These are all brands that I've tried in the past and found good and reliable.

So first off, seeds. For the quickest results - these can be grown on a kitchen windowsill so ideal for flat dwellers, microgreens. I buy from Johnsons but there are other brands available. I use their tray as well but if you have plastic mustard and cress pots, they'll work as well.

I'm a great fan of seed tapes. It makes sowing so much simpler - no pricking out. (Don't worry if you don't know what that means - we'll come to that later.) I get mine from Suttons but again there are others around. Quick and easy vegetables are radishes and beetroot. The mats are perfect for cut and come again lettuce.

I can't imagine a summer without fresh runner beans. By the time they get to the farmers' market, they are too big and stringy for me. I like to pick them young. If you have room for just one pot as I do, go for 'Moonlight'. It's self-pollinating which means it doesn't need several plants to develop pods.

If you only room for a window box, you can still have runner beans - dwarf variety 'Hestia' will tumble over easily.

So that's a few to be going on with. Next time, I'll put a link to the full list of what I plan to grow this summer including tomatoes from seed. See you soon!

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